Thursday, May 10, 2007

I International Master Course of Plastic, Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology of Georgia, Tbilisi July 6,7,8

The I International Master Course on minimally invasive Plastic, Aesthetic Surgery and Dermacosmetology in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi during July 6-8, which was dated for official opening of clinic TOTALCharm was finished.

126 doctors from 26 countries have taken part in job the Master Course; from them 89 surgeons and 37 dermacosmetologists. The most numerous delegations were from Russia (30 specialists).

The achievement were presented by such world famous experts, as P. Fournier and M. Costagliola (France), O. Panova, A. Adamyan, A. Nerobeev, S. Savchenko, I. Vozdvijenski (Russia), J. Fedeles (Slovak Republic), K. Takasu (Japan), G. Blugerman (Argentina), Z. Saylan (Turkey), A. Tenenbaum (Switzerland), S. Di Blasi (Venezuela), L. Zurek (Australia), M. Weidmann (Germany), P. Hajduk (Czech Republic)

The following indicative operations were executed:
- Lower classical blepharoplasty with replacing a part of fat rupture in area «lacrimal sulcus " according to Khamra in combination with stitching of an average zone of the face with Aptos Needle method and lifting of soft tissues of mental areas with Aptos Thread 2G method.
- Static lifting of the ptosed soft tissues in case of iatrogenic right-directional paralysis of the facial nerve with the APTOS Needle 2G Method.
- Lipofilling of the atrophic seam with the Savchenko-Felmann Method, stitching of an operational wound with the Aptos Suture Method.
- Lifting of an eyebrow with Aptos Thread 2G method.
- Application of the method Endopeel and average TCA peeling for the face rejuvenation.
- Contour Plastic with the Varioderm gel.
- Suction of the atrophic seams of the shank with APTOS Wire Method in combination with contour plastic with the Argiform gel.
- Full minimally invasive face lift with the APTOS Methods (stitching of the submaxillary and neck areas, the average part of the face, lifting of the “marionette lines”, suction of the nasolabial, chin and nose bridge wrinkles), azelaic peeling.
- Stitching of the soft tissues of the arm areas in case of their drooping.

The participants of meeting with satisfaction have noted a high professional level both theoretical, and practical actions and also good organization of the Master Course. Also they were delighted with the social program that was offered by the organizers.
All this obliges us not to stop on achieved and to continue such direction of our activity, as organization of useful professional meetings, trainings of the colleagues, exchange of experience; therefore we plan realization of annual forums.

The following meeting will be held presumably in middle of October, 2008 also in Tbilisi. This time realization of our meeting we nominate to the autumn period because this time in Georgia is the period of vintage, beginning of vine manufacturing.
At the same time in the period between annual meetings on the basis of our clinic we plan organization of constantly working training courses and thematic symposiums for the colleagues from al over the world and, in particular for the Georgian doctors and colleagues from the neighbor countries (for example, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey …). For successful and productive realization of these measures we will invite known doctors, which have reached in their sphere the certain successes, have own techniques and are considered as the recognized teachers. The important innovation, which we assume to carry out, is the realization of training courses online - any wishing can save significant means and time and to become not only passive observer of the theoretical and video presentations, but also to be the active participant of surgical operations and manipulations, and also dermacosmetologic procedures. Our clinic and its collective is capable to cope with this task.

Till the following meetings dear colleagues.